Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Warriors Journey Is Yours

Heavy Emotional Lifting Is The Breaking Of The Generational Curses That Have Plagued The Linage Of The Family.
I Am Joan Of Arc. Not In The Egotistical Sense, But This Is The Battle, This Is The War,
All The Scars & Pains, Bruises & Cuts Are Of The Emotional Nature.
It Is Mine To Break, If I So Chose, And I Chose To.
First Within Me. Break The Conditioning & Returning To Love.

This Is Not For The Weary,
This Is Not For Those Who Want To Play It Safe
Pretending Their Lives Are Better Than Yours Because They Follow Societal Norms.
I Promise You Their Lives Are Not.

I Have Witnessed The Dysfunction Of The Systemic Denial Of Truth Within These Walls.

Why Else Would They Try To Make You Feel As If Your Life Is Worthless?
It Is A Reflection Of What They Feel About Themselves.

Don't Play The Roles Placed Before You In Their Life Game.
Play Your Part In Your Life
You Are Worthy Of That

Break Through
Break Free

The Warriors Journey Is Yours

PS, "They" Do Not Exist

Friday, September 1, 2017

Done And Done

Spiritual Interference No More
It's Done And Done.
I Let You In, When You Had No Right To Even Be Welcomed.
Tampering, Opposing, Prying, Trespassing,
I Was Open For The Desire Of Friendship, Relationship.
Done And Done.
Hampering The Flow Of My Life?
Why Did I Do This?
Why Did I Allow This?
The Understanding Of God, Source And Spirit So Mistakenly Interpreted.
Taught By Energy Vampires,
With Interpretations To Self Serve.
Now, I Am Aware!
Now, I Am Awake
Now, I Am Alive!
Now, I Am Done And Done...
Thank You!

TBali™-Live Your Beauty
all original material copyright ©2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Emotional Thieves

All These Years
Giving, Sharing, Teaching, Loving
You Were A Thief

All These Years
Thinking What Have I Done Wrong
I Must Help You
You Were A Thief

All These Years
Soul Searching, Finding, Experiencing
You Were A Thief

Never Once Giving Appreciation,
Never Once Having Empathy
Always Criticizing
Always Judging

Trying to Hold Me Back, Even From Myself...

You Emotional Thief...You Emotional Thieves

No Wonder I Thrive When I Am Nowhere Near You.

I Have A Chance To Breathe
...And Heal From The Emotional Scars And Wounds
...So That I May Fly And Soar As Never Before

Thank you Teachers, Counselors, Guides, And Spirits.
Teaching Me To Rise Above, Rise To New Heights
...And Shine Light On Those Who Want Healing From Emotional Thieves.
TBali™-Live Your Beauty
all original material copyright ©2017

Friday, December 9, 2016

The Divinity Of Life

When Divinity wakes up inside you it’s like FIRE, WATER, EARTH, WOOD, AIR, METAL…
Fire roaring flames of agitation bursting into action,
Water flowing into every nook and cranny of inspiration like waves,
Earth fertile and nurturing feeding life into existence,
Wood grounded and standing, rooted and tall, reaching for the skies,
Air breathing life into the stillness into Divine activity,
Metal unyielding yet yielding, strong and withstanding yet bending, to the pressures of life

Anything or Anyone feeding off it
Taking Space In the way of the Divinity of Your Life...
Push it away, Push it away,
Cast it off into the vast find it's Divinity within...
Blessings & Love
TBali™-Live Your Beauty
all original material copyright ©2016

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Stay Awake, Keep Swiming

Living Behind The Shadows
Of Fear And Spiritual Knowledge
Is Like Looking For Water
While Standing In Front Of The Ocean.

You Have All The Awareness,
The Knowledge,
The Know-With-All...
But Are Too Afraid To Dive In.

Today, I Dove In Again
And It Felt Like I Was Swimming A Little and Drowning A Lot.
I Felt Supported And Loved
Feeling Deserving Of It And Undeserving Of It

Waking Up To The Graciousness Of A Life Fully Lived And Expressed

Now She's Awake,
Stay Awake
Keep Swimming
TBali™-Live Your Beauty
all original material copyright ©2016

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Flower That Is You

The Flower That Is You
Preferring Sun or Shade
Little Attention or Much
Little Watering or Frequent
Adverse Conditions or Steadiness
Into The Optimal You...

As A Seed...
Moving Through The Nourishment of The Soil
Breaking Ground
Growing Closer To The Light...

TBali™-Live Your Beauty
all original material copyright ©2016

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Experience All...

NYC Subway @ 40th St & 6th Ave
Experience All You Can Experience

If You Feel Blocked In Your Experience

Then Move,  Move All You Can Move
If You're Not Able To Move

Then Think, Think All You Can Think,
If Thinking Becomes To Much

Then Feel,  Feel All You Can Feel
If Feeling Is Too Painful...

Feel It Anyway

Then Break Free...
To Stand Strong And Give All You Can Give
TBali™-Live Your Beauty
all original material copyright ©2016