Speak For Yourself

Speak For Yourself

Do Not Cast Words Of Doubt Into My Reality

Speak For Yourself

Do Not Cast Shadows Of Misguided Language Into My Life

Speak For Yourself

No Words You Can Say Have Any Power Into My World

Speak Only For Yourself

Because Words Have Power!
Your Words Have Power Over You!

Speak Only For Yourself

I Would Not Presume To Speak For You
So Back Off

Speak Only For Yourself

I SPEAK The Words I Wish To Invoke In My Reality, My Life, My World!

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A Bitterroot Transformed

Bitterness.  A Weed. Who's Roots Are Long And Wide
Will Make Even The Kindest Person Turn Into A Fenir
Eating The Very Soul Of The Person Of Whom Is It's Object Of Attention

Must Be Plucked From The Deepest Recesses Of It's Beginnings
Sneakily Hidden By Some, Felt By All
Driving The Ego To Self-Righteousness Indignation

Pluck - Aware It Grows Inside
Pluck - Meditate
Pluck - Sacred Study
Pluck - Feel It (ouch), See It (ouch)
Pluck - Release - Surrender - Let Go
Give It Over (forgive)

Crater Of Hollowness Be Seeded With Hope, Joy And Love
New Roots Growing, Flourishing, Flowering
Be The Grace By Which All Bitterness Is Released and Transformed Into Peace 
All That Is For Thee Will Be

It Is So

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Love Me

Love Me

I love me enough to know that your being rude and hurtful is not loving  
Take myself out of the space and situation
Love Me

I love me enough to see the bitterness that pervades your being  The guilt you feel toward yourself translating into hatred
What do you feel guilty about?

PS. Guilt is the only energy on earth that never dissipates  Time for you to take on alchemy to transform your feelings of guilt into hope and joy
Love Me

I love me enough to love myself no matter what's thrown my way I have faith in me
Love Me

I love me enough to listen to the signs my soul gives to my body …pink eye, a cold, a cut, a fall, bug bites, negative balances, blocks in flow …indications that it is time to move on Love Me

I love me enough to ask the Divine Beloved, God, to transform my existence  Where love radiates through every pore of my being
Love Me

I love me enough to accept what is, knowing it is all for my highest good  Ever growing, ever evolving, ever expanding. Love Me
I love me eno…

Spiritual Ammunition


As I Sit Here Eating My Crust... 
I recognize the Peace in this Space.
I recognize the Ease into the Divine.
I recognize, the Fun and Freedom
-of the people I'm meeting and spending time with.
I recognize the Beauty around Me.

No longer being stomped on figuratively and literally
(she stomped around upstairs in the room above while I tried to sleep)
No longer around those that need to always talk about how important they are and their lives are
(really not believing their true importance)
Newsflash, we all are individually and uniquely important; therefore none of us are IMPORTANT.
No longer whittling myself into tiny pieces to fit around the aroma of arrogance pervading the room.
(seriously, just stop talking)

The Quiet, Welcomed.  
The Peace, Welcomed.  
The Flow of the Divine, Welcomed.

Here Enjoying The Crust.

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The Warriors Journey Is Yours

Heavy Emotional Lifting Is The Breaking Of The Generational Curses That Have Plagued The Linage Of The Family.
I Am Joan Of Arc. Not In The Egotistical Sense, But This Is The Battle, This Is The War,
All The Scars, Pains, Bruises, Cuts Are Of The Emotional Nature.
It Is Mine To Break, If I So Chose, And I Chose To.
First Within Me. Break The Conditioning; Returning To Love.

This Is Not For The Weary,
This Is Not For Those Who Want To Play It Safe
Pretending Their Lives Are Better Than Yours Because They Follow Societal Norms.
I Promise You Their Lives Are Not.

I Have Witnessed The Dysfunction Of The Systemic Denial Of Truth Within These Walls.

Why Else Would They Try To Make You Feel As If Your Life Is Worthless?
It Is A Reflection Of What They Feel About Themselves.

Don't Play The Roles Placed Before You In Their Life Game.
Play Your Part In Your Life
You Are Worthy Of That

Break Through
Break Free

The Warriors Journey Is Yours

PS, "They" Do Not Exist

TBali™-Live Your Beaut…

Done And Done

Spiritual Interference No More It's Done And Done. I Let You In, When You Had No Right To Even Be Welcomed. Tampering, Opposing, Prying, Trespassing, I Was Open For The Desire Of Friendship, Relationship. Done And Done. Hampering The Flow Of My Life? Why? Why Did I Do This? Why Did I Allow This? The Understanding Of God, Source And Spirit So Mistakenly Interpreted. Taught By Energy Vampires, With Interpretations To Self Serve. Now! Now, I Am Aware! Now, I Am Awake Now, I Am Alive! Now, I Am Done And Done... Thank You!
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Emotional Thieves

All These Years
Giving, Sharing, Teaching, Loving
You Were A Thief

All These Years
Thinking What Have I Done Wrong
I Must Help You
You Were A Thief

All These Years
Soul Searching, Finding, Experiencing
You Were A Thief

Never Once Giving Appreciation,
Never Once Having Empathy
Always Criticizing
Always Judging

Trying to Hold Me Back, Even From Myself...

You Emotional Thief...You Emotional Thieves

No Wonder I Thrive When I Am Nowhere Near You.

I Have A Chance To Breathe
...And Heal From The Emotional Scars And Wounds
...So That I May Fly And Soar As Never Before

Thank you Teachers, Counselors, Guides, And Spirits.
Teaching Me To Rise Above, Rise To New Heights
...And Shine Light On Those Who Want Healing From Emotional Thieves.
TBali™-Live Your Beauty all original material copyright ©2017